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Cut Excel down to size with our tailored online course. Achieve certificated proficiency in as little as 12 hours.

Excel with Business only teaches the features of Excel that are especially useful. We reviewed Excel's 500 functions, ruthlessly stripping out any non-essentials, to arrive at our highly refined syllabus. Our diagnostic tool then focusses your time on those parts of that syllabus that will be most valuable to you. Our regularly updated course (Mac version now available) uses a carefully balanced combination of text, illustrations, videos and podcasts with tests to measure your progress.

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Our Customers

Our customers include charity workers, college and university students, entrepreneurs and accountants - anyone who has a need for business-focussed Office learning. Here is what Benedict Rickey from the New Philanthropy Capital said:

"I came to the course with virtually no knowledge of Excel. It helped me to learn quickly precisely what I needed to know in order to do some complex modelling. I was extremely happy with the service..."

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Our Partners

Below are some of the professional bodies we work with, providing innovative training and tests for their members - from students through to partners:


Companies that use our Excel course

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