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Are you a proficient Excel user? Our course will take you from novice to ninja in hours!

We believe in effective training and tangible results which is why we built our Excel Test. No other training organisation can tell you precisely what impact their training has had on you. We can.

Our Excel test objectively assesses your Excel strength at the outset. Excel IQ scores of less than 115 imply one of the following category bands: novice, beginner, competent. Our aim is for all our clients to be at least proficient (115+) and our online course will help get you there. You can then take another test to prove it.

Our Test

Our online test measures Excel proficiency and can be used to focus (and measure) training.

Our test:

  • consists of 40 multiple-choice questions (drawn from a bank of hundreds), taken in 30 minutes
  • covers all aspects of our highly distilled syllabus
  • adapts to responses: harder questions come up as users answer questions correctly, enabling us to measure accurately a wide range of abilities
  • calculates an Excel IQ along with subject-category breakdowns
  • identifies weaknesses and strengths in Excel
  • generates a certificate if completed in the allotted time.

By taking the test before and after the online training (see right), you will be able to measure the positive impact on your skills. So, you can use the test to fulfil CPD needs, to inform training goals at your firm or simply to challenge the intellect!

Our Training

Our certified* online training course covers what-you-need-to-know-in-business rather than what-Excel-can-do.

Our course:

  • consists of 32 business focused Excel units from our distilled syllabus
  • contains 100 hours of learning materials but can be completed in as little as 12 hours of dedicated study
  • provides 24/7 access to all learning materials for 12 months from the date you register
  • is available in all the main versions of Excel (PC: 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013 / 365; Mac: 2008, 2011)
  • generates a certificate on completion (useful for CPD fulfilment)
  • is taught through a blend of text-based articles, practice spreadsheets, video tutorials and podcasts
  • comes with email support from our experts.

* By CPD UK. Furthermore, EwB course materials provide knowledge and practical skills for development capability to use spreadsheets in-line with the unit/module of the widely accepted ITQ qualification (Levels 1-3).